Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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Golden Years Board & Care


Typically families arrive with dozens of questions to be answered when they first visit our residences. Their emotions, anxieties and concerns over the well being of their family seem to overflow as they try and decide on a “just-right” new home. Amidst the sea of places, which have popped up over the last few years, like mushrooms after a rain, the decision can seem almost impossible. When I went searching for such a place for my mother Fanny, over twenty years ago, the choice was the hardest one I’d ever had to make.


Hi, my name is Anna and I’m the owner, administrator, and proprietor of Golden Years Board and Care, a family owned and California licensed board and care facility. I would like to share a bit of my history and how Golden Years Board and Care developed into one of the San Fernando Valley’s most respected residential facilities for the elderly. As I mentioned earlier, I decided to open Golden Years out of a specific need for which I could find no suitable solution. My mother’s advanced age made it impossible both to care for her and work full-time. I was also a single parent raising two young boys. I decided to research residential facilities, which would accept my mother and provide her with the type of care she received at home. Yet, no matter where I turned, I found houses not homes; caretakers not caregivers; food not meals; and efficiency rather than empathy. I grew increasingly depressed, struggling to come to terms with just how I would tell my mother that I intended to turn her out to some institution. Then, a constellation of events came together to help me create Golden Years Board and Care.



From the age of seventeen, I worked as a nurse with geriatric patients. Aside from my medical training, I come from a culture with a deep respect for the elderly and for older generations in general. I began taking classes, educating myself, reading and researching every thing I could about the creation of the sort of “just-right” home where my mother would be happy to live. Golden Years emerged as a result of that practical, heartfelt effort. I began by building safe, comfortable, warm and open structures that exemplified my taste, as well as a harmony between the exterior and interior. I then assembled a knowledgeable staff of caregivers whom I personally trained and supervised over the years. Some of them have been with me for almost 16 years. Everything had to be “just-right”.



Until her last days, my mother always took great pleasure in telling her neighbors at Golden Years that it had been built for her by her daughter. At Golden Years, our greatest effort and hope is to give each resident that same sort of personalized care. When families first come to our door, with that look of consternation on their faces, I want them to know that their concerns will be addressed; their voices will be heard; and, most importantly, their family member will be cared for precisely the way they wish for most. We would have it no other way.



Please let us share with you what makes Golden Years Board and Care the home that is “just-right” for your family member. Call or email us to set up an appointment so that you can see it for yourself.



Anna Shpolyansky


Golden Years Board & Care

why choose goldne years

Golden Years offers 24 hour exceptional care and personalized services for seniors at lower cost than nursing home care.

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